Innovative Oncology Drug Discovery

During cancer development, genes that normally function to mediate human development and gametogenesis can become aberrantly activated, driving important features of cancer progression and therapeutic resistance.


These gene include those that encode developmental-specific transcription factors, proteins previously thought to be ‘undruggable’.


Ceridwen Oncology has applied innovative technologies to open up a new space in oncology drug discovery to treat a range of malignancies, including rare cancers that currently have no effective treatment options.

Computational Molecular Screening

Ceridwen Oncology combine transformative structural biology with high throughput in silico drug candidate screening to enabled the discovery of a new pipeline of next generation pharmacological agents.
New hope Addressing unmet clinical needs​

Our Team Mission

Ceridwen Oncology brings together expertise in cancer cell biology, molecular biology, medicinal chemistry and world leading clinicians. This fusion of distinct experience is the driving force that enables Ceridwen Oncology to identify and exploit new ways to address unmet patient needs through the development of novel first in class therapeutics, with an early stage focus on the rare bone cancer chordoma.

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